University of Phoenix Military Division

This Memorial Day, pay tribute to our U.S. military service members

We invite you to sign our Memorial Day 2014 Virtual Tribute Wall and honor U.S. military service members, past and present. This wall is open to employees, alumni, students, faculty and friends of University of Phoenix.

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My Tribute to: All military community
By: Allison Don

My Tribute to: Sgt. Nathan Shotwell (my husband), SSG. Mary Pyle(mom), SSG. John Pyle(dad) Grandpa, Uncles and ALL other soldiers who have/had served!
By: Barbara Shotwell

My Tribute to: William H. Newbern III
By: Marcy Newbern

My Tribute to: Justin Busby and Dakota Busby
By: Heather Watson

My Tribute to: Michael Perry Jr
By: Jamie Perry

My Tribute to: My Dad, Grandpa, Brother and Cousins.
By: Allison Boruff

My Tribute to: George Folks
By: Elizabeth Folks

My Tribute to: Nicola DeFilippis
By: Melissa Franklin

My Tribute to: John Green
By: Elizabeth Folks

My Tribute to: Lewis Elvin DeFilippis
By: Melissa Franklin

My Tribute to: All who have served
By: Saprina Johnson

My Tribute to: Christopher Bonner
By: Estella Lowery

My Tribute to: CW2 Bradley J. Gaudet
By: Glynnis Moore

My Tribute to: To all that have served.
By: Lisa Blankenship

My Tribute to: James Doherty
By: Beth Horgan

My Tribute to: Robert G Couture
By: Heather & Robert II Couture

My Tribute to: William prince
By: Tiffiany Hewitt

My Tribute to: Carl Robertson and John Pemberton
By: Deanna Robertson

My Tribute to: all my brothers from boot camp and the men/women I served with
By: Michael Alvarado

My Tribute to: Sergant John Blackshear
By: Estella Lowery

My Tribute to: My husband